Day Nursery, Preschool and Out of School Club
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Week 1

Dinner Tea
Monday Tomato pasta bake with a crusty bread roll
Victoria sponge cake
Chicken bites with waffles & spaghetti hoops
Strawberry angel delight
Tuesday Beef stew & dumplings with broccoli
Banana loaf
Ham, cheese & tuna wraps with carrot & cucumber batons
Homemade Shortbread
Wednesday Tomato pulled chicken with Mediterranean vegetable cous cous
Jelly & ice cream
Jacket potato with cheese & beans
Vanilla sponge & custard
Thursday Lasagne with garlic bread
Cornflake cake
Pork sausages & cabbage with Yorkshire pudding and gravy
Jam tart
Friday Fish pie with sweetcorn & peas
Yoghurt & fruit
Chilli with rice
Butterfly bun

Week 2

Dinner Tea
Monday Beef mince & mashed potato with green beans
Crackers with cream cheese & ham, scotched eggs, mini sausages, cherry tomatoes & cucumber sticks
Chocolate gateau
Tuesday Chicken curry & rice with garlic naan bread
Bakewell tart
Sausage plait with roast potatoes & spaghetti hoops
Ice cream
Wednesday Vegetable hot pot
Apple crumble & custard
Pizza & chips with carrot & cucumber batons
Berry oat crunch
Thursday Roast beef, carrot, swede, broccoli & mashed potato with Yorkshire pudding & gravy
Yoghurt & fruit
Crispy chicken wraps with salad & dips
Chocolate sponge with pink custard
Friday Cheese & broccoli pasta with pitta pockets
Swiss roll & fruit
Fish fingers with potato faces, peas & sweetcorn
Chocolate mousse & fruit

Week 3

Dinner Tea
Monday Bacon, hash brown, scrambled egg & beans
Cheese, leek & potato bake
Butterfly bun
Tuesday Meatballs in Italian sauce with sweetcorn rice
Victoria sponge cake
Sausage, chips & peas
Choc ice
Wednesday Roast chicken, new potatoes, carrots & green beans with gravy
Yoghurt & fruit
Load your own pitta pocket with various fillings
Jam swirly wirly
Thursday Turkey sausage casserole & onion gravy
Peach crumble & ice cream
Ham & Italian tomato pasta with a crusty bread roll
Chocolate crunch
Friday Shepherds pie
Chocolate crispy cake
Beans on toast
Banana angel delight


Week 4

Dinner Tea
Monday Fish goujons with croquette potatoes & mixed vegetables
Jam tart
Hot dogs with salad
Berry & oat cake
Tuesday Corned beef hash & beans
Yoghurt & fruit
Pizza baguettes & potato wedges with cherry tomatoes & celery sticks
Sponge & custard
Wednesday Spaghetti Bolognese & garlic bread
Very berry trifle
Cheesy catherine wheels with spaghetti
Chocolate mousse & fruit
Thursday Chicken & mushroom pie with broccoli & cauliflower florets with a drizzle of cheese sauce
Bananas & custard
Vegetable curry with garlic naan bread
Friday Sweet & sour chicken with rice
Marshmallow crunch
Jacket potato with tuna and cheese
Jelly & ice cream


A variety of fresh fruit is given with every meal