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Toddler Room

Front room

This is where the children are encouraged to play with small world activities such as the dolls house, farm, hospital etc. There is also a role play area where the children love to dress up and interact with other children developing their personal, social and emotional skills.

All the toys and role play activities are changed and rotated regularly to hold the children’s interest when engaged in play. We encourage children to drink lots of water throughout the day, each child has their own labelled water bottle which is out all day and is refilled regularly.

Middle room

In this room there is a construction area with activities include building blocks, magnets, duplo etc. These are changed regularly, alongside boxes full of different educational resources to encourage the children to choose their own activities.

The book corner is a calm cosy area full of cushions, so the children can sit quietly and look at all the different books.

Wet end

The wet end is the creative room of Toddlers including core provisions such as a malleable table (play dough etc), a mark making table and an easel with different mark making tools available.

We like to get messy in this room!


Outside is always open during free flow. The area always has sand and water available and choices of interesting water/sand toys to use. Other resources outside include the bikes, balls and tyres which the children use to develop their physical skills.