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This room is the quieter room of Bigs with a cosy reading corner for children to enjoy their favourite books and also to tell their own stories. The children have access to the computer with a range of interactive and age appropriate games to develop fine motor skills and technology development.

This room also includes our Finger gym, where specific activities are set up for children to develop their fine motor and manipulative skills, in preparation for mark making and emergent writing. Children choose which resources to use as everything is available to them. We also like to focus on jigsaws and games in this room with lots of team work!

Middle room

In this room, both our role play corners promote children’s imagination skills and role play opportunities such as the home environment, supermarket, flower shop etc. This room is home to our construction and small world areas, including activities such as happy land, train tracks and duplo. This area also supports music, movement and rhythm, we provide children with lots of opportunities to express themselves using musical instruments.

Wet end

This is our creative room where we like to get messy! Sand and water are always available with a choice of interesting water/sand toys. A range of activities are available in this room such as malleable activities (play dough, jelly etc), painting, sponging and collages. The children can pick and choose which resources they would like to use, which helps us to support children’s interests.