Day Nursery, Preschool and Out of School Club
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Out of School

We provide morning drop offs and Afternoon pick ups from two local schools – Gladstone Road and Northstead.

The children are able to come to the Out of School Club on a morning from 7:45 and have some breakfast with us and play with the activities that we have available until it is time for them to set off to school.

The children who attend Gladstone Road will walk to school, and the children who attend Northstead will go in one of our Mini buses to school. (There may be the odd time that they will have to walk).

On the afternoon we will pick the children up from school and bring them back to the Out of School Club where they are able to access different activities such as creative activities, playing on game consoles, playing board games, role play and also playing in the outdoor area of the nursery.

We also provide them with tea which is included in the price of the session.